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Vegan Lifestyle: Eating Clean

After many years of maintaining a vegetarian diet, I recently began to do research and investigate the possibility of a vegan diet. A lover of cheese, ice cream and plenty of butter and homemade ghee, vegan just seemed too extreme, too weird, and really.... who could imagine a world without cheese?

The answer came to me after reading The China Study. The scientific data was too compelling, the prospect of feeling better, lowering my cholesterol and no longer supporting the food industry's many cruel and inhumane practices, made this an easy call.

When I began to explore new cookbooks, trying new veggies and cooking the ones we were used to, in new and different ways, the food was so good that Michael soon joined me. Almost immediately we began to drop a few pounds, noticed an increase in energy level, even the dry skin we blamed on the bad air here, began to improve.

To us, eating clean means choosing food locally grown whenever possible, avoiding processed foods, avoiding sugar and most important to us, no animal products.