Mystical Journey
to Peru

From the history of the Incas to the enchanted Amazon rainforest

September 20th-28th, 2012

$2100 (double occupancy) includes:

You will first head to the heart of the former Inca Empire, Cusco. The beauty of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, coupled with the impressive remains of pre-Columbian cultures, will leave you in awe of this Andean city. 

But the tour only gets better as you leave Cusco for one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. Your Peru package will guide you through the ruins of this mystical and spiritual center situated in cloud forests where the Amazon meets the Andes.

Last but not least, prepare for a descent into Peru’s Amazon. You will travel to the gorgeous rainforest and discover the intricate balance of life of this lush ecosystem. Here you'll marvel at the thousands of species of flora and fauna that live in the jungle.  

If you would like to join Michael and Melinda on this journey please contact Yoga For Living for more information:

559-225-YOGA (9642)