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Special Occasions

Yoga parties customized for your special day. Wedding day Yoga sessions, birthday parties, a family yoga party during the holidays. Cabin yoga. Be creative with your next party and wow your guests!

On site Corporate Yoga

From scheduling a single session for a company retreat to creating an ongoing, onsite yoga program, Yoga For Living has the experience to bring yoga to the workplace.

some of the companies we have worked with:

Aetna Health Insurance
VDA, Inc
Wellspring Academies

Volunteer Programs

contact us about doing a free class for your non-profit group.








Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga
Sessions can be held at the studio or in your home or office. The emphasis is to address your personal needs. Your one on one time will be used to develop more relaxation, flexibility, breathing techniques and a general improvement in health. When you walk in you may say, "my back is bothering me" we will address that issue during that session. Your session will always be about what is going on with your body that day.

Semi-private Yoga
semi-private sessions will be designed for your specific needs. Share a session with a friend for the same price as a private session.

Private Yoga in your Home
Small groups, friends or family sessions available. Pricing will be determined by frequency of classes and size of group. Call for a quote.

Injury and Chronic Pain Rehab
If you are recovering from an injury or operation, yoga can help facilitate the healing process. Michael specializes in physical alignment principles to provide therapy for joints and muscles as you train.

Stretching & Flexibility
It is scientifically proven that long lean muscles are beneficial to our health. This allows the body to work more efficiently and avoid injury during everyday tasks.

Anchor your Balance

Many people injure themselves due to lack of balance.
We establish a strong foundation of balance in all types of physical positions.

Healing through Breathing
Breath is life. Learn to breathe with awareness and intention. Calm yourself and reduce stress through your breath.

Yoga for Depression

Utilizing the many different breathing techniques of yoga, we slow down and release neurotransmitters to balance the chemical releases of the brain. Many of our students have reduced the use of, or eliminated medications after beginning a yoga practice.